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Q: If everything is already determined and decreed by God, why pray?

Suggested Daily Reading: Genesis 24:1-28

God does not need us to inform Him of our thoughts or needs in prayer.  He already knows them perfectly.  Prayer will not change God’s will.  All is included in His eternal decree.  But, God encourages us and lovingly commands us to pray.  Why?  Because prayer honors the Lord and it is good for us.  It helps us to humble ourselves before God, to recognize our dependency on Him for everything. Also, prayer helps us  to see His answers to prayer and to thank Him for it.

Abraham’s servant received a difficult task.  He had to travel a great distance, to visit a strange land and to bring back a woman who would be willing to marry Isaac.  This woman would need to leave her friends, family and country to marry a man that she had never met!  Read Genesis 24: 12-14 again.  Do you see how prayer enabled this servant to humble himself before God and express his dependency upon the Lord?  His prayer will also help him to see God’s answer and to thank Him.

But first, imagine this story without prayer.  If the servant had not prayed, he might tell others, “Do you know what happened?  It was the greatest coincidence ever!  Just when I arrived at the well, Rebekah came and I met her.  She was a relative of Abraham, invited me to her home and agreed to go back with me to marry Isaac.  I was so lucky!”

But Abraham’s servant did not speak like this.  Why not?  Because he prayed.  After he met Rebekah and she had drawn water for his camels, we read, “And the man bowed down his head, and worshiped the LORD.  And he said, Blessed be the LORD God…” (verse 26-27).  Prayer helped him to see God in the events that took place that day.  Prayer enabled him to thank and worship God.

Do you see God’s hand and thank and praise Him for events in your daily life?  If not, the cause may be a lack of daily, specific prayer.  Prayer helps us to eliminate thinking and speaking of luck or chance or coincidence.  It promotes recognizing and testifying of God.  Daily prayer is a means to reveal more clearly to you that God knows and provides for your needs.  What rich benefits and encouragements attend a life of daily prayer and close communion with God!


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