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Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

The king said unto me, For what dost thou make request? So I prayed to the God of heaven. Nehemiah 2:4

Read Nehemiah 2:1-4

In history, men often wore some kind of cap or hat which they removed when they entered God’s house. However, during the week they often wore their caps from early morning until late at night. As a result, the saying became popular that males often prayed more with their cap on than with their cap removed. But, the removal of one’s cap or hat as they entered church did not guarantee that the prayer made by these individuals was genuine.

However, when people send a heart-felt cry to heaven during desperate circumstances they may not have had the opportunity to remove their cap and to seek a private place. That’s actually what we see in the second chapter of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was busy serving the king, but the tragic circumstances that overcame Jerusalem affected him so deeply that it was obvious that he was troubled.

In those days, when anyone was involved in the king’s service, they were expected to perform their tasks in a pleasant, cheerful way. A sad countenance before the king could bring about the death sentence. In ancient times a person could fall into the disfavor of a middle-eastern ruler for the slightest reason, so Nehemiah had never stood in the king’s presence with a sad countenance. On this occasion, however, the king noticed that something was bothering his personal attendant and adviser. When he asked Nehemiah why he was downcast, God’s prophet was filled with fear.

Thought: Do you ever send up spontaneous prayers throughout the day?

Psalter 222: 3,5 (based on Psalm 81) I, thy God, removed thy burdens, When thou calles, set thee free, Proved thee in the thirsty desert, In the thunder answered thee. I am God the Lord Who saved thee, And from cruel bondage freed; Open wide thy mouth of longing; I will satisfy thy need.


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