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Q: Why does everyone in the church say that looking at pornography is so dangerous?

Suggested Daily Reading: Romans 6:12-16

A: God warns us not to sin and not to give in to sinful lusts.  If we do, these sins can gain a deep hold over us.  We can become addicted to them, to the sinful pleasures in them.  This is especially true of sexual sins.

Ned married a girl he loves from his church.  He is successful in many ways, but a serious problem has entered into his marriage.  Ned started watching pornography as a teen and he is addicted.  He can’t stop himself.  When his wife learned of this, she felt betrayed. Ned’s sin is seriously harming himself, his wife, his marriage and his relationship with God.

Ned has developed a “sex for self-gratification” spirit. This is the opposite of that which God planned.  Sexual intimacy is intended to be a special expression of oneness with the special person that God has united me with for life in a marriage.  It is meant to be a deep expression of love; not a selfish desire to entertain or please myself.

Pornography is anti-God; it breaks His law – the seventh commandment.  It is anti-moral; it corrupts our thoughts, emotions and actions.  It is anti-human; it degrades and uses people as objects for sinful pleasure.  Pornography is anti-love, it uses sex for self-gratification.  It is anti-marriage; it looks for sexual pleasures outside of the loving bond of marriage.  It is anti-society; it pollutes and degrades a culture and nation.  It is anti-personal; it makes sexual activity impersonal, and destroys the people involved.

Today, pornography is everywhere.  Our society is addicted.  Be wise and fore-warned.  Avoid all forms of pornography.  The pain and consequences of sexual impurity are great. But the rewards of sexual purity in a loving marriage are also great!  Following God and His loving commandments is always your best guide to happiness.

Read Proverbs 5 and 7.  In these chapters, God instructs us of the disastrous consequences of a young man yielding to sexual temptations and indulging in sexual sin.  Pray for strength and vow to live a sexually pure life.  If you have sinned, stop and repent.  Begin again, by God’s grace, to avoid sexual sin.

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