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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

And the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and said unto her, Entice him, and see wherein his great strength lieth. Judges 16:5

Read Judges 16:5-9

Samson continued to pursue the lusts of the flesh. It seems that because of his great strength he did not realize how vulnerable he really was. Slowly but surely his stay in the home of Delilah caused him to lose his freedom. As this history unfolds, we see Samson playing a dangerous game regarding the secret wherein his strength lay. More and more Delilah gained the upper hand while commiserating with the leaders of the Philistines. These men did everything to find out the origin of Samson’s extraordinary strength. When that secret was discovered, they would ensure that Samson would be robbed of his power, making him helpless and weak.

Delilah and Samson continued with their little sport. The real purpose of this game was to marginalize Samson, to bring his personal downfall as well as that of Israel, the nation to which he had a special calling. Never forget that when you follow the paths of sin, they not only impact yourself, but also those around you. In the games Samson played, much more was on the table than he realized. The net that was cast about him was drawn tighter and tighter. Oh that Samson would have prayed the words of the Psalmist. “Pull me out of the net that they have laid privily for me” ( Ps. 31:4).

Thought: Playing games in human relationships is like playing with fire. Don’t do it!

Psalter 387:1,2,4 (based on Psalm 142) To God my earnest voice I raise, To God my voice imploring prays; Before His face my grief I show And tell my trouble and my woe. When gloom and sorrow compass me, The path I take is known to Thee, And all the toils that foes do lay, To snare Thy servant in his way. O Lord, my Saviour, now to Thee, Without a hope besides, I flee, To Thee, my shelter from the strife, My portion in the land of life.


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