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Passion Weeks

 What are “Passion Weeks”?

Suggested Daily Reading: Isaiah 53

The word “passion” has two meanings:

  1. Intense feelings or emotions. If a person expresses an opinion with strong feelings, we say that he spoke with passion.

  2. To endure deep suffering.

Both meanings apply when we speak of Passion Weeks.  Many churches observe the six weeks prior to Good Friday (Jesus’ crucifixion) as passion weeks.  Sermons on these Sundays focus on aspects of Jesus’ suffering leading up to His crucifixion.  We think of the intense emotions and depths of suffering that Jesus’ willingly endured to be the Savior of His people.

“Passion” is also a fitting word in another way.  Remembering Jesus’ passion should also stir passion in our hearts.  We should passionately meditate upon Jesus’ suffering and death to save sinners such as we are, and passionately love and serve Him in return.

A pastor was visiting a member of his church who loved and walked with the Lord for many years.  But this person was feeling down and depressed.  He was in the hospital and nearing death.  When the pastor visited and asked him how he was doing, the man replied honestly that it was spiritually dark for him and he could not even remember one promise to encourage himself.

The pastor responded, “You may forget; but do you think God will forget?  Do you remember how much Jesus suffered?  How He died?  Can you think of the great price Jesus paid to earn your salvation?  Do you think God the Father would cause the Son He loved to suffer all He did to forget?  Do you think Jesus would go through all this to save His children and then forget them?  Do think that God the Holy Spirit would work salvation and live in the hearts of believers , butforget them in the end?

A smile broke out on the man’s face.  “No, this would make no sense,” he answered. “God will never forget me.”

Have you ever experienced a rich comfort that comes from trusting in the suffering and death of Jesus for sinners?  Is God’s plan of salvation the foundation of your faith, hope and love?  Do you passionately love and trust the Savior that God provided, and the gospel plan of salvation He designed and revealed?


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