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Paring Down

Paring Down

And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people are yet too many; bring them down unto the water, and I will try them for thee there. Judges 7:4

Read Judges 7:1-8

Gideon prepared himself to lead God’s people into battle against the Midianites. He had mobilized a large army, but the Lord did not want him to enter battle with such a great force. The army had to be much smaller in number, for then the Lord would receive all the glory when they gained the victory. If they had a large army, the nation would be inclined to think they had gained the victory through their own strength.

Only three hundred men were allowed to remain. It was a very small detachment, which, humanly speaking, would amount to nothing. However, we do not read anywhere that Gideon questioned the Lord or expressed any doubts with respect to this strategy. Gideon had learned to trust in the Lord his God. The Lord performs His wonders through our impossibilities.

Gideon prepared for battle with this small force of three hundred men. Today too, the Lord is willing to lead and guide us so that we rely upon Him in all circumstances of life. There may be times when you think it is impossible to fight against the devil and sin. Time and again, you fall into sin. Maybe you are confronted with hardships or sickness or difficult trials. It seems impossible to go on.

But the Lord is willing and able to assure you of His faithfulness through His Word and Spirit. He is able to strengthen you again and again so that you may confess that the Lord is with you.

Thought: What does the saying, Nothing is impossible with God, mean to you?

Psalter 34: 1,2 (based on Psalm 18) I love the Lord, His strength is mine; He is my God, I trust His grace; My fortress high, my shield divine, My Saviour and my hiding-place. My prayer to God shall still be raised When troubles thick around me close; The Lord, most worthy to be praised, Will rescue me from all my foes.


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