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Over Confidence Leads to Downfall

Over Confidence Leads to Downfall

And Peter said, Man, I know not what thou sayest. And immediately, while he yet spake, the cock crew. Luke 22:60

Read Luke 22: 54-62

An old history book of martyrs relates a story about two brothers who were apprehended and thrown into a prison cell because they were Christians. The younger of the two became very anxious; he was afraid he might recant his confession before the emperor the following day. The older brother did not understand his brother’s anxiety because he was sure that he would remain steadfast in the faith. That night, the younger brother did not sleep a wink. He wrestled in prayer that he might remain steadfast; the following morning he experienced an amazing peace.

When these two brothers were brought before the emperor and given the choice to renounce their confession or be thrown to the wild animals, the older one recanted while the younger remained steadfast. This history lesson reveals that, when we rely upon ourselves, things will turn out badly. This also happened to Peter; he thought too highly of himself. He did love his Master, which is why he tried to remain close to Him at His arrest. But when a young slave girl inquired of his relationship to the Lord, he failed miserably; he denied Him. Three separate times he denied his Saviour and the close relationship he had with Him.

What a miracle that the Lord Jesus directed His attention to this deeply fallen disciple. We read that He turned and looked upon Peter. This glance pierced Peter’s heart, but it also demonstrated the power of the Saviour’s love for an unworthy sinner. What an incomprehensible miracle this was! The Lord God had begun a good work; He continued it and also brought it to completion.

Thought: Do you rely on the Lord for courage to stand fast?

Psalter 112:1,4 (based on Psalm 40) Before Thy people I confess The wonders of Thy righteousness; Thou knowest, Lord, that I have made Thy great salvation known, Thy truth and faithfulness displayed, Thy loving kindness shown. Although I poor and needy be, The Lord in love takes thought for me; Thou art my help in time of need, My Saviour, Lord, art Thou; Then, O my God, I pray, I plead, Stay not, but save me now.


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