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Outward Beauty

Outward Beauty

The sister of Tubalcain was Naamah. Genesis 4:22

Read Genesis 4:20-22

As we read the family history of Lamech, we should be impressed that nothing has really changed throughout the history of mankind. The members of this family lived without the light of God’s revelation. They continued through life as their forefather Cain had, “And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD.” (Gen. 4:16) That does not mean that their lives were not successful. On the contrary, Lamech’s children were very gifted. One became a herdsman, another invented musical instruments and a third son, Tubalcain, became a producer of brass and iron works.

These gifted brothers also had an interesting sister named Naamah, a trend setting beauty queen who apparently was emulated by other young woman. As we consider this, has anything changed since those times? How many talented people today seek to make a name for themselves and live without God? We meet them through modern media, where they convey their own message. Their lifestyle tells society that without God you can be more successful. They have it made due to their own efforts.

It all seems so impressive, but from time to time we get to look behind the scenes to see how miserable these stars of the world actually are. We ought not to envy those who have reached the top by their own efforts. Pray that you may live in lowliness of heart, with God’s help, to the honour of God. Such a life, as a follower of Christ and based on His merits, is the only one which brings true peace and happiness.

Question: Which is more important to you: popularity or living to God’s honour?

Song of Mary: Verses 1, 2 Our souls shall magnify the Lord, In God the Savior we rejoice; While we repeat the virgin’s song, May the same Spirit tune our voice! The Highest saw her low estate, And mighty things His hand hath done; His overshadowing pow’r and grace, Makes her the mother of his Son.


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