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Our Conversation

For our conversation is in heaven.

For our conversation is in heaven. —Philippians 3:20

Read Philippians 3:7-20

If you are seriously dating someone, your life changes drastically. You cannot live your own life anymore, but must also focus on an-other person. If the relationship is healthy, you will grow towards one another and enjoy each other’s company.

When you love the Lord, your life will change drastically too. As your heart goes out to Him, your desire will be to live to His honour. Your life has been given a different direction and through the influences of the Holy Spirit you begin to live towards the great Day of the Lord. To live in a worldly way and yet have the hope of being with the Lord does not fit together. That is Paul’s conclusion in our passage. Paul wrote of who he had been and what he then became. He had been a Jew who thought that he lived a decent life, although in the eyes of the Lord it was a wicked one. He became a follower of the Lord Jesus, to whom he consecrated his life (vv.1-16). Subsequently, he urged his readers to follow after him, which means, to live the life Christ desires for us. That implies that you are no longer your own, but you belong to Him; He has laid His claim upon you. This, how-ever, is not a hard service.

In the service of the Lord Jesus, your walk will become a heavenly one, in which you will become more acquainted with the Lord and grow accustomed to His ways.

You will not meet an unknown Saviour when He returns from heaven.These things, however, do not take place automatically, for they have cost the Lord Jesus everything.

You may therefore entrust yourself to Him as you are. The Lord says, “Turn unto me and be ye saved.” Do you need Him?

What does it mean to have your conversation in heaven?


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