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Others, too

“Others too”

For they themselves show of us. —1 Thessalonians 1:9

Read 1 Thessalonians 1

The sermons Paul preached in Thessalonica were well received and his work was richly blessed. The Thessalonians did not keep the blessings received to themselves, but went into the country-side and told everyone who they met the good news. They advanced the Gospel so much that when Paul wanted to visit certain areas, they had already been “laboured” upon.

The Thessalonians declared to those around them what their hearts were full of. Must we draw the conclusion today that the Lord has enriched few hearts? So little is heard all around us; we live such complacent lives. Can the world hear and see that our hearts must be changed? What does your conversation consist of? Some young people are willing to distribute evangelism pamphlets and at times speak a word of warning. But how much better it would be if you could testify of God’s work in your own life! Consider the effect of Paul’s preaching among the Thessalonians. They were waiting for the Son of God who would deliver them from the wrath to come (v.10). You can see the results when we testify of God’s Word. The content of their message was that they would perish if they continued on in their lost state. “Seek the Lord,” they said, “and live.” This is the message the Lord is willing to bless. In this way you too may become a small part of the chain through which the Kingdom of God is advanced. Others will be brought to the feet of the Lord Jesus only to be raised up to wait upon the Lord with gladness.

Do you dare to pass on the message of God’s grace?


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