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One Flesh

One Flesh

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24

Read Song of Solomon 4:1-16

In the beginning, Adam sang a ballad in response to God’s gracious gift to him (Genesis 2:23). Only after this did Adam become one flesh with his wife Eve (Genesis 2:24). First they experienced spiritual unity, and afterwards a physical union. Therein lay the kernel of God’s purpose for marriage. Whoever would reverse the order of these things can expect difficulties. Marriage, as God’s gift, is broken when physical union between a man and a woman takes place before they truly know each other. Very often one of the parties uses the other to satisfy their lusts. However, the biblical norm is to commit yourself spiritually to the other, which is completely different than an unbiblical view of intimacy. When this becomes true in our lives, the way is opened to a blessed marriage and a more intimate relationship.

Rather than physical intimacy, spiritual unity needs to have the central place in our friendship with our spouses. We may supplement each other in the service of God. When that is absent in a marriage, such a marriage misses a biblical basis. Learning to know each other spiritually is most important. This is what caused Adam to rejoice, and it should be our main goal and become our reality as well. Only then may a physical relationship take place. Sexual relations must never be separated from a relationship of true love within the bonds of marriage.

Thought: Spiritual unity must precede physical unity.

Psalter 360:3,5 (based on Psalm 128) Joyful children, sons and daughters, Shall about thy table meet, Olive plants, in strength and beauty, Full of hope and promise sweet. Thou shalt see God’s kingdom prosper All thy days, till life shall cease, Thou shalt see thy children’s children; On Thy people, Lord be peace.


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