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“No one knows”

“No one knows the day nor the hour”

Watch! —Mark 13:37

Read Mark 13:21-37

Satan has always been busy seeking to destroy the work of God. He is especially diligent when he sees his prey trying to sneak away. In these last days, when God has poured out His Spirit upon all flesh, Satan is firing all his arrows to try to lead us away from God. One of those arrows is the calculation people use to estimate Christ’s return. Even some church people are busy with this day and night. They use the Bible like a calculator to find out how far away that day is. They are busier seeking to compute the day of Christ’s return than with the welfare of their own soul, which will be judged on that day. But nobody knows the day or hour of Christ’s return (Mark 13:32). If you knew that the Lord Jesus was going to return today, would you not be anxious? This is the aim of false Christians; they seek to frighten people. They are not at all interested in making people envious of the salvation that lies in Christ.

But what about the signs of the time – wars, famines, and weakening love? Are these not signs of the Lord Jesus’ second coming? We are indeed living in the midst of these signs, but we must also do what the Lord Jesus says in this chapter, namely, WATCH! Do not try to calculate Christ’s return, but take care that you are ready to meet Him. You can do this by living a watchful and prayerful life. Use the means the Lord has given to seek Him and beg His grace until He answers in grace.

Why is there a call to be watchful?


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