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No More Night

No More Night

And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there. Revelation 21:25

Read Revelation 21:22-27

The gates of the New Jerusalem will remain open at all times. This New Jerusalem represents the eternal blessedness of God’s people, wherein all things will be made new. What a safe refuge this city will be! No intruder will be able to enter it, seeking to deceive God’s people. The devil will never be able to perform his wretched work again.

Moreover, there will not be any night there because the Light Himself will be present! The moon nor the sun will be involved there, for the light through which all darkness is driven away is none other than the Lamb of God. On the basis of His sacrifice, a totally new and pure creation will be brought into existence. In it everything, heaven and earth, mankind and all creatures, plant life and planets, shall sing to the glory of God. When the night seems long because we cannot sleep, then we long for the dawning of a new day. Similarly, the children of light can sometimes long for the light of the eternal day. Their lives are like that of a sunflower, which always turns its bloom towards the light of the sun.

Thought: Take a look at your ID card. Is everything about you properly identified? More importantly, do you have a passport into the City of Light?

Psalter 31:4,7 (based on Psalm 17) O guard me well as one doth guard The apple of the eye; While deadly foes are pressing hard, To Thee, to Thee I cry. Do Thou my rest and refuge be, O let Thy wings o’er shadow me. When I in righteousness at last Thy glorious face shall see, When all the weary night is past, And I awake with Thee To view the glories that abide, Then, then I shall be satisfied.


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