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Neighbourly Love

“Neighbourly love”

… that I have bought all…. —Ruth 4:9

Read Ruth 4:1-12

Boaz went to the city gate, the location where business transactions such as buying and selling, as well as for meting out justice, were regulated. Boaz waited at the gate for another family member to arrive, one who had a closer familial tie to Naomi than he did. Boaz asked this individual to buy the parcel of land belonging to Naomi so that she would be able to live from the money received for it. At first this nearest relative was very interested in Naomi’s property; it looked like a good deal. But then Boaz also informed him that he would be required to marry Ruth to uphold Elimelech’s family line. This meant that if Ruth would receive children the land would be passed on to her son. The redeemer would then lose the land after having paid a considerable sum for it. When the first redeemer heard this stipulation, he changed his mind and would not redeem the land.

But how different was Boaz’s reaction! He did not calculate whether he could improve himself by this transaction, but sought to fulfill the demand of God’s love and care for his neighbour. This obligation weighed much heavier on him than the possible gain of any financial profit. Even though this transaction could cost him much money, Boaz did not hesitate. Love to God and his neighbour controlled him. In this way, Boaz is a type of Christ. Out of love to His Father, the Lord Jesus bought His Church by offering Himself.

For what reason can we conclude that Boaz loved God?


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