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How can I determine what music is good to listen to?  Everyone seems to have a different opinion.

Suggested Daily Reading: Psalm 150

Music is a gift of God.  Scriptures frequently speak of praising God with musical instruments (Ps. 150: 3-5) and by singing (Ps. 95:1); privately (Eph. 5:19) and in public worship (1 Chr. 15:16).  As with all gifts from the Lord, however, Satan will strive to use God’s good gift for evil purposes.

Choosing the music we listen or do not listen to is similar with other choices we make in life.  We are to choose that which honors God and His Word and to avoid that which dishonors the Lord and promotes self-exaltation and sinful lusts (Eccl. 12:13-14, Phil. 4:8, Gal. 6:7-8, Pr0v. 3:1-8, 1 Thess. 5:21-23, etc.)

Music choices are important.  Music not only impacts our minds, but it also stirs our emotions.  It touches our hearts.  For example, if I asked you to quote some sentences that your Kindergarten teacher spoke, most of us would not be able to do so.  But if I asked you to sing a song you learned in Kindergarten, most of us could do so.  Music is powerful.

Satan knows the power of music.  God gave music to motivate us to good, but the devil uses music to influence us to evil.  A world-wide music war is raging to capture the minds and hearts of people.  The following guidelines can help us to make good choices:

  1. Lyrics – Do the words of the song promote the praise of God and care for others, or love of self and selfish lusts?

  2. Beat – Does the rhythm promote the positive fruits of the Spirit, or stir evil lusts?

  3. Singers – Are the lifestyles of the singers God-honoring and moral, or are they self-honoring and immoral?  Is their dress and appearance God-pleasing or man-pleasing?

  4. Concerts – Are the fans who attend their concerts stirred to praise God and to walk in His ways, or praise the singers and to engage in sinful thoughts, words and actions?

  5. Graphics – Does the artwork displayed on their music promote biblically healthy images, or sinful ones?

  6. Goal – Is the purpose of the music to glorify and end in God, or to glorify man and end in self-fixation?

If the music is “Christian”, ask yourself questions such as:  Are the lyrics biblically sound? Do they end more in God, or more in my feelings?  Is the beat fitting and edifying? Do the singers aim to honor God or themselves?

Pray and use these guidelines when making music choices.  The music you chose to listen to will influence you – for good or for evil.

Why are your choices of music important?  Why is Satan very interested in music and why does he actively promote it?  There is a wide range of “Christian” music available today.  Why is it important that we are discerning and not simply accepting of all because it is “Christian”?  

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