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Marriage According to God’s Will

Marriage According to God’s Will

Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. Ephesians 5:21

Read Ephesians 5:21-33

Marriage is one of the beautiful flowers mankind was permitted to keep when he left Paradise. Adam and Eve were to continue married life together with the hope of the mother promise. The secret to their life lay in the promise that would be fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Through Christ, God would continue to fulfill His purposes concerning marriage. Because of this, the marriage covenant was placed in a divine light. Of course, man and woman were to help each other in daily tasks, supplementing, correcting, and stimulating each other.

However, when the Lord enters a marriage, then this bond is lifted to a higher level. Married life is then seen in light of eternity, for the Lord has given husband and wife to each other that they might serve Him. Couples who are married in the Lord should open their Bible together and pray about their worries, difficulties, and joys. A Christian marriage is marked by a life of prayer before the face of God. They should also have discussions about sermons they have heard. They should acknowledge personal sin and their struggles in appropriating salvation, including the necessity of the rebirth. Their marriage should also include speaking together about what the Lord Jesus means to them. A husband and wife know each other’s thoughts most intimately when they discuss the service of the Lord—that is the main purpose of marriage.

Thought: Marriage is a flower from Paradise, but to many in our society it has become a thistle.

Psalter 174:3 (based on Psalm 66) Come, ye that fear the Lord, and hear What He has done for me; My cry for help is turned to praise, For He has set me free. If in my heart I sin regard, My prayer He will not hear; But truly God has heard my voice, My prayer has reached His ear.


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