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Man’s Work vs. God’s Will

“Man’s work versus God’s will”

Behold, the man whose name is The BRANCH. —Zechariah 6:12

Read Zechariah 6:9-15

How much energy we spend trying to make a good living. First we attend high school and then college or university. After working several years to gain experience, we try to climb the corporate ladder. Or we apprentice in a trade, and after working for some-one else, maybe we try to start our own company. All the while we think to ourselves, I’ll do this and then I’ll do that! We are good at making plans, especially when it comes to our everyday life. Working hard is honourable, commanded by God Himself, but much more is required of us.

The Jews who returned to Jerusalem were summoned by Haggai and Zechariah to finish the building of the temple. After being encouraged to carry out this labour, they worked industriously. As the temple’s completion drew near, Zechariah began to proph-esy again. At God’s command, the prophet was instructed to receive gold and silver as gifts from the exiles, make a crown from these gifts, and place it on Joshua’s head. At this time he also pro-claimed the coming of the Messiah.

The temple was almost completed, but the people were not to find their rest in this, for it merely foreshadowed the glorious temple of the Messiah which would bring continual comforts. As the heavenly Priest and King, Christ was going to bring peace and salvation for His people. Therefore seek first the Kingdom of God as you fulfill your daily work!

What is the meaning of the name given to Christ in our text?


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