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Making Time to Pray

“Making time to pray”

Isaac went out to meditate in the field. —Genesis 24:63

Read Genesis 24:50-67

Today’s Scripture passage has much light to shed on one of the most important paths of life, namely, seeking a marriage partner. In the first place, we ought to look for someone who serves the same God. Just as Abraham forbade Eliezer to find a wife for Isaac from the Canaanites, we too should be fearful of entering the marriage state with an unbeliever. If we do so, it could be the beginning of a road that leads to destruction. Some people say that marriages are made in heaven. If that is true, then you must bring your petitions before God’s face, just as Eliezer. God is willing and able to give counsel.

We should notice that Isaac took the time to be alone to seek God’s face, to meditate, and to pray. This is especially important when looking for a suitable marriage partner. Finally, we must realize that when we seek guidance from the Lord, we ought not to just sit and wait passively. There certainly was much activity involved in seeking a wife for Isaac. A whole caravan of servants was sent out to find a proper woman. In a similar way, we too may use lawful means in this regard. But do it prayerfully, in total dependence upon God’s blessing.

What is meant when someone says a marriage was made in heaven?


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