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Love one Another

“Love one another”

Behold, how good and how pleasant. —Psalm 133:1

Read Psalm 133

There are many songs and stories that have love as their subject, but they often deal with a selfish love people give while waiting to see what they receive in return. The Bible, however, speaks about love that only gives. This godly love is very important, for without it, everything we may accomplish is worth nothing. Read 1 Corinthians 13. The Apostle John also emphasizes the importance of love, especially to our neighbours, in his letters. If we do not love our fellow man, then God’s love is not in us. Psalm 133 also speaks about brotherly love. How beautiful when this love can be found among us, when people live together in harmony (v.1). For many years, while ruled by the Judges, the various tribes of Israel had different interests. But during the time of the Psalmist they were united under one monarch and gathered around the ark in Jerusalem, where the Lord was pleased to dwell. The tribes experienced a bond with each other at that sanctuary. This bond is special, like the precious, sweet-smelling ointment used by Aaron and his sons to permit them entrance to the temple. Our service to God is worth nothing if it does not flow from true love to Him.

How does God display His love?


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