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Love for Sinners

“Love to sinners”

The LORD will do great things. —Joel 2:21

Read Joel 2:18-22

When a child misbehaves, parents will try to correct him or her. But when a child persists in misbehaviour, what parents do next is often startling. Either they give in to the child or offer a way out. Either way, the parents make the first move to make peace with the child. Their principles with respect to raising children may have remained, but their parental love compels them to stoop down to their child, in spite of his wrongdoing and disobedience.

In a certain sense we may look at our text in a similar way. A new prophecy follows the pronouncement of judgment; one that tells the people what will happen if they listen to the call of repentance. The Lord allures His people to Himself by portraying all the blessings He has in store for them. After warning them the first time, the Lord did not say to His people, “And now, that’s enough!” Instead, He bows even deeper towards His headstrong people (vv.19,22).

We may also apply this to ourselves. We will never be able to say that the Lord is to blame if we perish. Why does He continue to call us? Verse 18 tells us, “Then will the LORD be jealous for his land.” In spite of their rebellion and sin, the Lord loves His people with a fervent love.

Why should we not try to blame the Lord?


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