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Let Others Praise You

“Let others praise you”

They called his name Obed. —Ruth 4:17

Read Ruth 4:13-17

It is remarkable that in our scripture passage Naomi remains completely silent. Everything had developed well: Boaz became the redeemer and received Ruth as his wife. In due time, a son was born to them, a son that would carry on the line of her forbearers and take care of Ruth when she was no longer able to provide for herself. This grandson also meant that Naomi would be well provided for in her old age.

Naomi kept all such thoughts to herself while the people who surrounded her were unable to keep silent. They had seen how the Lord blessed Naomi after He had chastised her. The neighbours gave the newborn child the name Obed, which means servant. This child had been born to take away the reproach under which Naomi had been so burdened. This child would serve Naomi by continuing her family line and serve her in her old age. She would be renewed and quickened by this child, and receive new encouragement to live. There is a more important implication attached to the name Obed. We read that Obed is the father of Jesse, the father of David. From this chosen generation, Christ Jesus was born and became a servant for His people through His suffering and death.

What does the name Obed direct our attention to?


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