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Laws Require Obedience

“Laws require obedience”

I will bring it forth. —Zechariah 5:4

Read Zechariah 5:1-4

Whoever steals is a thief and will be punished. Those that commit perjury will be put in jail. Both these crimes are regulated by our court system. It is such a blessing when citizens of a nation live in accordance to the laws of a land and have respect for a court of justice. North American laws are strongly influenced by the Bible, and our Scripture passage today deals with the keeping of laws. Actually, to say it more correctly, it deals with the consequences of not keeping laws.

In a vision, Zechariah saw a flying scroll of gigantic measurements. This scroll contained God’s curse due to perjury, which represented the first table of the law, and His curse upon thieves, which represented the second table. These sins were the ones most frequently committed by the returnees from Babylon. The Lord was not going to allow those guilty of such crimes to remain in the country, but would deal with them: “I will bring it [the curse] forth, saith the Lord of hosts.” And so the sixth vision speaks of judgment that will come on people who do not keep God’s commandments. If the Lord would pass judgment upon you right now, what would be the verdict?

What is the content of God’s Law?


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