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Joseph’s View of Marriage

Joseph’s View of Marriage

And she said, Lie with me. Genesis 39:7

Read Proverbs 5:1-8

Joseph was confronted with a great temptation in Potiphar’s house. He did not seek it, yet it was impossible for him to avoid it. Potiphar’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph, and she desired him. Then, in a cunning manner, she tried to tempt Joseph to sin.

Though our society functions with very different relationships, these kinds of temptations still face us today. The world bombards us with suggestive advertizing on billboards and through other media outlets. Every day we are confronted with intruding and penetrating stimuli that aims to make us sin. There seems to be no end of this continuous barrage of temptation. Joseph continually faced many temptations. Having been placed in a worldly environment, what might we expect concerning his future? Could he someday enter marriage untainted? In his situation, Joseph was vulnerable and had inferior status to Potiphar’s wife. In view of her place in society, she attempted to use her influence for her own advantage.

In spite of this world’s perversion of sex, to desire marriage and sexual relationships within marriage is not sinful. On the contrary, it is wholesome.

Thought: Genuine love is willing to wait. Do your relationships show this kind of love?

Psalter 253:4, 5, 6 (based on Psalm 94) Be wise, ye fools and brutish men; Shall not He see Who formed the eye? Shall not He hear Who formed the ear, And judge, Who reigneth, God most High? The Lord will judge in righteousness, From Him all truth and knowledge flow; The foolish thoughts of wicked men, How vain they are the Lord doth know. That man is blest who Thou, O Lord, With chastening hand dost teach Thy will, For in the day when sinners fall, That man in peace abideth still.


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