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Jacob’s Family (2)

Jacob’s Family (2)

Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well. Proverbs 5:15

Read Proverbs 5:15-23

Dinah went to the city to experience a sense of belonging in her age group. She wanted to be seen by her peers. But not only was she seen by girls her age, young men saw her too, including Shechem. He became obsessed with Dinah and wanted to have her. The King James Version says that he took her, and the marginal note indicates that he humbled her. This seems to indicate that he forced her to have sexual relations with him. However, that does not do justice to this whole scene, since we are given to believe that Dinah was also attracted to Shechem. He had spoken to her heart and desired to make her his wife. She too was willing to marry him. The Hebrew word used to indicate Shechem’s action is also used in Scripture to indicate a sexual union between two willing parties outside of the marriage union.

In this narrative we are given one of the biblical grounds for why sexual relations before marriage as well as extramarital relationships are forbidden. The origin of such a relationship is lust. Shechem saw, he desired, and he took. Dinah wanted to be seen, and she allowed herself to be taken. A parallel development can be seen in Genesis 3. The woman saw that the fruit was desirable; she took and ate. Dinah and Shechem allowed themselves to be led by their eyes and not by the Word of God. A couple may desire to love one another, but if you are in a relationship, are you willing to listen to the voice of the Lord? Treasure your relationship with your male and female friends. If Jacob had only conversed with his daughter Dinah, she and Shechem might have been spared much grief.

Question: Why do we draw a parallel between Genesis 3:6 and Chapter 34:2?

Psalter 190:1,4 (based on Psalm 71) In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust; Shamed let me never be; O save me in Thy righteousness, Give ear, and rescue me, Give ear, and rescue me. Thou hast upheld me in Thy grace From childhood’s early days; To Thee from Whom I life received Will I give constant praise, Will I give constant praise.


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