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Isaac’s Birth

“Isaac’s birth”

God hath made me to laugh. —Genesis 21:6

Read Genesis 21:1-7

Let us now consider the life of Isaac. His birth was a miracle, for Sarah’s time of child bearing had passed. However, God deemed her old age the right time. When motherhood seemed impossible, God showed His boundless might. The Lord visited Sarah as He had promised and gave Abraham a son at the appointed time, just as He had said. The name Isaac means “they laughed.” His birth gave Sarah and Abraham every reason to laugh for joy.

This same type of holy laughter is available to all who are glad-dened by God’s great deeds of salvation in Jesus Christ. The head of the serpent was bruised through the way of suffering and shame and death that He bore. When we lose all hope in our-selves, the Lord is often pleased to begin His work. Let us there-fore hope in the Lord, the God of the Covenant, who at our baptism has said, “I have called you by your name. I will be your God.” He is and remains the same, through grace alone.

What do we learn from Isaac’s birth?


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