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Is It Possible For God To Forgive The Devil?


Recently I finished re-watching “Lucifer” and in the one of the seasons God as his “human” form came to earth and in the end of that episode Lucifer tells Him how angry he was because God condemned him to hell. Right after God apologizes for not “loving” him the way a real Father would to their own child. Later on in the season, Lucifer grows his angelic wings back (as he once was an angel) and wonders why they returned then his brother Canaan comes up with a theory saying. “Maybe God even forgave the Devil himself” Now I want to know, in biblical terms, do you think it would be possible for God to forgive the Devil?


Regarding the Devil: He is a spirit, a fallen angel. He was created by God as a spirit. So he does not have a body and was never born. He was at first a good angel, but then he chose to sin against God. So now the Bible describes him as a fallen angel who lives in rebellion against God and who will be punished eternally by God.

The Bible says in John 3 that we as humans must be born again since we are sinful. That is why we say that believers in Christ are “born” twice – once physically as babies and a second time spiritually when they are given “new life” (regeneration) and faith to believe in Jesus. So before we believed, we were physically alive but spiritually dead (because of our sin and sinful nature); but when we believe we are twice born, both physically and spiritually.

The Devil however has rebelled against God, and God has never sent His Son to die for the fallen angels or promised to forgive/pardon the fallen angels. Instead the Bible says they are “kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day” (Jude 1:6). So all the fallen angels are not born again, and there is no way for them to be “born again” or reconciled with a holy God who – as a Good Judge and Perfect Ruler – will not tolerate evil or injustice or impurity.

The Devil continues to rebel against God and to twist His words. Like the Devil did with Eve in Genesis 3, the fallen angels continue to try to misrepresent God and make Him look bad. So it is not surprising that movies like this one is trying to make the Devil look better than he is, or trying to make God look bad for punishing the Devil’s wickedness. The Bible says the Devil is a liar and the father of lies; he hates the truth because it exposes him for who he is – a wicked and rebellious spirit.

And further, God does not have to apologize to the Devil since God is love and has always loved perfectly; better than any human father ever could. The problem is not God’s love but the devil’s rebellion against and rejection of God’s perfect love. Again you can see how the Devil tries to twist the truth to make God look bad, when in actual fact he is the wicked one who needs to apologize.

Has the Devil apologized to God; has he confessed his wickedness and rebellion against God’s laws? Has he repented of his deception and trickery? Has he stopped tempting people to rebel against a perfectly loving God? Has he stopped twisting the words of the Bible to make God look bad? You see, the devil continues in great wickedness. But God keeps out moving him and beating him at his own game, until the last day of this world when God assigns him to outer darkness forever.


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