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In the Frontlines

In the Frontlines

Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure. 1 Timothy 5:22

Read 1 Timothy 5

Apparently Timothy was plagued with intestinal problems. Paul gave him some practical advice in this regard. It seems that Timothy was somewhat afraid to use wine; he did not want to be known as someone inclined to consume wine, as Paul referred to this in the third chapter. But, due to his stomach problems, Paul advised him to drink a little wine rather than drinking only water. The reason for this advice may have been because the water was not always of good quality; it was often contaminated with bacteria. As a result, Paul advised Timothy to drink a little wine to strengthen and purify his intestines.

This advice was not giving license to Timothy to consume an inordinate amount of alcohol. The Bible is very clear regarding this issue: drunkenness is a sinful activity in the sight of God. However, you are allowed to have an occasional glass of wine, especially if it may improve your health.

What is really striking in this whole issue is the practical advice that Paul gave. He did not go to Timothy to heal him by the laying on of his hands. Paul shows that he did not have the attitude that he was able to heal everyone as an answer to prayer. Timothy may have thought that if he had been healthier he would have been able to do more in God’s kingdom. In this instance however, we see that the Lord is also willing to use those with ill health in the service of His church and society in general.

Thought: A Christian may consume a moderate amount of alcohol, but whenever he comes into a setting where it is excessively consumed, he must distance himself from those situations.

Psalter 251:1,3 (based on Psalm 92) It is good to sing Thy praises And to thank Thee, O Most High, Showing forth Thy loving-kindness When the morning lights the sky. It is good when night is falling Of Thy faithfulness to tell, While with sweet, melodious praises Songs of adoration swell. But the good shall live before Thee, Planted in Thy dwelling place, Fruitful trees and ever verdant, Nourished by Thy boundless grace. In His goodness to the righteous God His righteousness displays; God my rock, my strength and refuge, Just and true are all His ways.


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