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I’m Still Young

I’m Still Young

But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. Jeremiah 1:7

Read Jeremiah 1:1-10

Jeremiah sought to escape the Lord’s call to him to become a prophet. It is true that Jeremiah was young, and a person who has little life experience ought not to think too highly of himself. Putting on the brakes in that regard is not a bad thing. A person ought not to think that real wisdom is within his grasp when actually he still has a lot to learn.

But when the Lord calls a person to a specific task, then such reasoning is no longer valid. You are never too young to serve Him! Many precious promises in the Bible are directed to young people. By them the Lord encourages you to ask for Him and to seek Him. He has promised that if you seek Him early, that is, when you are young, you shall find Him. And that is why the Lord told Jeremiah that he must not protest by saying: I am but a child.

The Lord promised to strengthen and support him wherever he would speak as His prophet. Jeremiah was a modest young man, not someone who would place himself at the forefront, yet he was called to be a prophet. He would have to pronounce calamities and judgment to the nation. And when the Lord calls someone to a specific task, He will also give everything necessary to fulfill that calling. Was Jeremiah put to shame? No, he was not. In a similar way the Lord is also willing to give you all you need to fulfill His demands as well. Perhaps you ask: How is that possible? This can only be through regeneration, by being given a new heart, faith, courage and strength from above. We read: Open wide thy mouth (Ps. 81:12). This command is not restricted to any age.

Thought: When the devil encourages you to take part in worldly pleasures do you protest using the argument: I am too young? Why would you do so when the Lord calls?

Psalter 431: 3 (based on Psalm 81) “Open,” saith the Lord, “Wide thy mouth, believing This My covenant-word: ‘I will.” if thou plead, Fill thine every need, All thy wants relieving.'”


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