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I am a Sinful Man

I am a Sinful Man

Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord. Luke 5:8

Read Luke 5:1-9

Luke describes a remarkable event for us; the Lord Jesus proclaimed the Word of God at Capernaum, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, to a large company of people who surrounded Him. Meanwhile, Christ’s disciples were transitioning from being fishermen to being followers of their Lord. They had fished the night before and were cleaning their nets when Jesus came to use Simon’s boat as a pulpit. Simon and his helpers were disappointed that they had caught nothing during the night, and the legitimate concern of catching fish to make a living could have been a distraction form listening to God’s Word. Perhaps you can identify with this dilemma.

The Lord Jesus became involved with these fishermen and commanded that they cast out their nets. Although somewhat hesitant, Simon complied; the Lord’s command is authoritative and resulted in a wondrous catch of fish. Simon was deeply impressed by this. He saw something of the greatness of the Master and the splendor of God. As a direct result of this instruction, Peter confessed his sin. True, he still needed to learn a lot, also about himself, but already the first fruits began to grow as a result of the great Prophet and Teacher’s instruction. The Holy Spirit blessed this teaching. Notice that in His instruction the Lord made use of the Word. And in the way of faith and obedience, Simon learned he was a sinful man. This is how the Lord teaches sinners His will step by step. Have you already become small and insignificant in view of the Lord’s glory?

Thought: Man always decreases while his view of God increases as God works in a sinner’s life.

Psalter 143:1, 4 (based on Psalm 51) O God, according to Thy grace Be merciful to me. In Thy abounding love blot out All my iniquity; O wash me wholly from my guilt And make me clean within, For my transgressions I confess, I ever see my sin. From out Thy presence cast me not, Thy face no more to see; Thy Holy Spirit and His grace, Take not away from me. Restore me Thy salvation’s joy, My willing heart uphold; Then sinners shall be turned to Thee, When I Thy ways unfold.


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