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“A sense of honour”

They have cast lots for my people. —Joel 3:3 Read Joel 3:1-6

If someone insulted your father, your mother, or a dear friend, wouldn’t you stick up for him or her? If there was no opportunity at that time to set things straight, wouldn’t you look forward to an occasion when you might makes things right? You would wait for an appropriate time to express how much you care for the insulted person.

The Lord God speaks in a similar way in our Scripture passage. The time had not yet arrived that the Lord would take hold of His enemies, but it shall happen “in those days” (v.1). The Lord will surely arise during the Messianic period. (See also Joel 2:28.) This is the day in which the Lord shall come to judge, for the enemy has dared to touch the apple of His eye.

In verse 2, we read that the Lord sends the heathen nations to the valley of Jehoshaphat, which means “the Lord judges.” Most likely, Jehoshaphat is the Kidron Valley. Other prophets have also spoken about this in connection with the Day of Judgment. This verse describes a courtroom, in which the Lord Himself will be the prosecutor. For the people are “my people and for my heritage” (v.2). In offending the Israelites, the heathens have offended the Lord Himself.

The enemies had led Israel away into captivity and scattered them among the nations. Moreover, they were sold for a pittance (v.3). And yet, the Lord watches over and protects His own!

Why did the Lord postpone judgment?


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