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He is Faithful!

“He is faithful!”

Whose damsel is this? —Ruth 2:5

Read Ruth 2:1-17 When Ruth and Naomi arrived in Israel, they had to provide food for themselves. Naomi agreed with Ruth that she would go out to glean ears of corn in the surrounding fields, corn left on the field after the mowers had done their work. It was the privilege of the poor to gather this remaining grain left in the field. How unsure of herself Ruth must have been! What humiliating work this was.

But the Lord guided Ruth in her choice of a field for gleaning, and the owner of this field took an interest in her. He praised her for the care she showed in supporting her mother-in-law after the death of her husband and two sons. He had deep respect for Ruth, who had left everything behind in her homeland to enter a foreign country. Boaz took pains to support Ruth because she had taken refuge in the God of Israel. He desired to live according to the Law of God. Ruth had gone to a foreign land, trusting that the Lord would take care of her in her new situation and direct her life. It was not by coincidence that Ruth met Boaz. The Lord God had guided her life and her hope would not be put to shame.

Have you observed the Lord’s care in your own life?


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