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Having Good Armour

Having Good Armour

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11

Read 1 Timothy 6:11-16

When a company employs us to fulfill a certain task, we need the proper equipment so we can do our job. This includes not only having the right tools, but also proper working conditions. Our equipment might include a good computer, a uniform or even a vehicle to fulfill a company’s obligations. Those who are called to serve in the army are taught to use firearms. That was also true in the biblical era, although weapons then were very different than they are today.

Paul writes about being prepared for war, and he applies this to the spiritual life of a Christian. The first thing he points out is the necessity of putting on the whole armour of God. We must not just have the whole armour, but Paul emphasizes the necessity of putting it on and using it. Christian warfare demands that we become active. Apply this concept to your Bible. It is not sufficient to own this weapon; you must use it in the fight of faith. You need to open it daily, meditating upon it and seeking to apply its principles in your daily life.

Secondly, you and I must put on the whole armour; putting on half of it is insufficient. The Bible does not contain promises for half-hearted Christians, for they cannot receive God’s blessing. Your employer would not be satisfied if you stopped half way through the job he had given you. Must the Lord be satisfied with half-hearted commitment to Him? Seek to put on the whole armour of God today!

Thought: What would you consider half-hearted Christian service?

Psalter 73:1,6 (based on Psalm 27) The Lord Almighty is my light, He is my Saviour ever near, And since my strength is in His might Who can distress me or affright? What evil shall I fear? Fear not, though succor be delayed, Still wait for God, and He will hear; Be strong, nor be thy heart dismayed, Wait, and the Lord shall bring thee aid, Yea, trust and never fear.


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