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Great Sorrow

Great Sorrow

And this woman’s child died in the night; because she overlaid it. 1 Kings 3:19

Read Psalm 78:1-8

Happiness abounds when a child is born. When the Lord gives new life, we realize it is a heavenly gift worthy of true thanksgiving. Sometimes this happy occasion is replaced by great sorrow when a newborn dies, which can happen for several reasons. In our text chapter, a mother had accidentally rolled over and smothered her little baby while she slept. Although it does not occur as often as it used to, infants still die today. Sometimes the reason remains unknown; such deaths are referred to as crib deaths. Young children may also die from sickness or from inadequate care. Occasionally the death is a result of abuse or mistreatment. Whenever we become suspicious of particular cases, we need to contact the authorities. Measures can then be taken for the protection of such children.

All children need to be assured of unconditional love and care from their parents. Good and responsible parents are those who are concerned for the well being of their children. They feel and express their love for them. Good parents are above all praying parents!

Do you have such parents who have not only prayed for you in the past but continue to do so? Godly parents do not want to see their children become prey to the devil and become enslaved to the world in the service of sin. The Lord has a claim upon them as covenant seed. Offspring do not belong to parents; they are given on loan by God for the parents to enjoy and care for.

Thought: Parents who do not pray for their children are neglectful.

Psalter 215:3,6 (based on Psalm 78) We will not from our children hide Jehovah’s worthy praise, But tell the greatness of His strength, His wondrous works and ways. Let children learn God’s righteous ways And on Him stay their heart, That they may not forget His works Nor from His ways depart.


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