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Great Commotion

Great Commotion

Now it came to pass, that when Jeremiah had made an end of speaking all that the LORD had commanded him to speak unto all the people, that the priests and the prophets and all the people took him, saying, Thou shalt surely die. Jeremiah 26:8

Read Jeremiah 26:1-9

Jeremiah’s address in the temple precincts brought about a commotion. He told the people that if they would repent, then the Lord would not bring evil upon them. But he also proclaimed the adverse possibility: If the nation hardened themselves against the callings of the Lord, they would not be able to avoid His judgments. Yet no one in the whole realm took any notice of the huge disruptions that were about to take place.

Jeremiah had barely finished speaking when the people grabbed hold of him declaring: You shall die. They were enamored by fulfilling their duties in the temple service. That was good enough for them. Were God’s covenant and His promises not intimately bound up in these things?

Jeremiah however, accused them of misusing the ordinances of God. A person is not safe, nor in a proper relationship to the Lord, if his walk of life is not in accordance with His covenant. This will only mean greater judgment if you knew the way but did not walk in it. Jeremiah stood all alone in the company of the priesthood and false prophets. They had encouraged the people to oppose him with the result that a riot broke loose. His countrymen turned against him and tensions rose up to a feverish pitch. How can anyone remain composed in such a situation? Would it not just be wiser to capitulate?

Thought: Do not think that all is spiritually well with you on the basis of your church attendance and your baptism.

Psalter 255: 3,4 (based on Psalm 95) To the Lord, such might revealing, Let us come with reverence meet, And, before our Maker kneeling, Let us worship at His feet. He is our own God and leads us We the people of His care; With a shepherd’s hand He feeds us, As His flock in pastures fair. While He proffers peace and pardon Let us hear His voice today, Lest, if we our hearts should harden, We should perish in the way; Lest to us, so unbelieving, He in judgment shall declare: Ye, so long My Spirit grieving, Never in My rest can share.


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