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Good Choices

“Making a good choice”

What good shall my life do me? —Genesis 27:46

Read Genesis 26:34-35 & 27:46

Yesterday we read that Isaac honoured the Lord when the Lord gave him His promise. His son Esau also openly made known what his choice was in life, but he did not follow his father’s ex-ample. Esau was not interested in seeking a wife from his own kindred, with whom he could serve the Lord. The service of God was not important to him, and this was a heavy blow for Isaac and Rebecca. Rebecca even despaired of her life when she entertained the thought that Jacob might follow his ungodly brother’s example in choosing a mate.

It is of great importance that you ask the Lord’s counsel and guidance when looking for a marriage partner. Seek to put your trust in God, for ultimately it is He who unites a man and a woman. When you realize this and are convinced of it, you will look in the proper place for a life mate.

Was Isaac and Rebecca’s sorrow warranted?


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