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God’s Promise

“God’s promise”

I am the God of Abraham. —Genesis 26:24

Read Genesis 26:2-5, 23-25.

When Isaac entered the land of Gerar, where Abimelech was king, the Lord appeared to him and renewed the promise He had given to Abraham. When Isaac left Gerar for Beersheba, the Lord repeated the same promise. How good and kind the Lord was in visiting His children over and over, revealing His faithfulness. The Lord confirms His promises with us when we are baptized in front of the congregation. But what is the result of His searching love and faithfulness in your life? We can read of how Isaac responded to God’s faithfulness: “And he builded an altar there, and called upon the name of the LORD” (v.25). In a sense, Isaac made public confession of faith on that occasion, stating that he would serve and honour no other god than the God of his father Abraham. Is this also your desire?

This is really the purpose of your Christian upbringing in the home, at school and in the church. May these blessings lead to a personal, public confession of faith in which you declare, “I desire to serve and honour the God of Abraham and Isaac.” This confession will never put you to shame.

What does your baptism mean to you?


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