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God’s Plan Includes Man’s Sin

 Why did God allow Adam and Eve to sin?

Suggested Daily Reading: Romans 9:1-23

God is God.  No created person can fully understand the mind of God.  There may be many reasons why God allowed sin to enter this world that we do not understand.  But the Lord has revealed some reasons in His Word.  These include the following:

  • Mankind was created to voluntarily love God. This was a higher form of love, reserved especially for man on earth.  Birds, insects, mountains and oceans praise God.  But mankind was created rational, at a higher level.  We could love God from a choice of heart.  To provide real love by choice, the option of sinful disobedience had to also be real.

  • Mankind’s free choice to love and obey God would lead to a higher state. God promised that man’s wilful obedience would earn a reward of eternal life.

  • God already had a remedy for mankind’s fall into sin – a Savior, Jesus Christ. This glorious and gracious plan of salvation would place man in a plan of salvation based upon God’s grace and the perfect and infallible work of Jesus

  • God’s glorious being and His attributes would be revealed more deeply and richly.

Through mankind’s sin the depth of God’s love was more richly revealed.  God’s one-sided, gracious love is displayed more gloriously in giving His Son to die for sinners, and in Jesus agreeing to suffer and die to earn salvation for rebels, and in the Holy Spirit indwelling sinners hearts to graciously work repentance and faith.  God’s holiness and justice are also more clearly displayed and glorified in righteously punishing unrepentant sinners for their sins.

Have you ever been amazed by God’s plan of redemption?  Fallen angels never received a plan of salvation, but man did.  Why?  The only answer is God’s sovereign grace.  No human being could ever have devised such a gracious plan of salvation, i.e. that an offended sovereign God, would become human in His Son, and this Son would suffer and die to pay the full price for rebels’ sins, and then offer free pardons to all on the value of His Son’s death, and actually work salvation in the hearts of the saved by His Spirit!  How is Christianity’s salvation method and message different from all other religions? Have you repented and believed the gospel, have you embraced this plan of salvation in Jesus Christ?


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