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God’s Law Brings Us to Christ

“God’s law brings to Christ”

Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. —Galatians 3:24

Read Galatians 3:21-4:7

When someone receives the diagnosis that he is seriously ill, he will readily take medicine to cure his illness. His sickness and his recovery from it will overrule everything else in his life.

In our last meditation we saw that we are sick and doomed to die, which means that making use of a cure should be central in our lives. Today’s Scripture passage points us to the cure, the Saviour. The law is a schoolmaster designed to lead us to Christ. Faith in Christ cures a sinner from his incurable disease, for faith justifies.

Let us never separate the twofold function of God’s law; the law shows us our sins and then drives us out to Christ. When God uses the law to show someone his lost state, this will result in that person seeking deliverance. No one can endure the true discovery of his sins; everyone desperately needs a Saviour. To that end, Christ was sent to deliver man from his sins and eternal death, to redeem him and receive him as His child (v.5). Christ has given His life up to death so that sinners might have eternal life.

Do you personally feel that you are a sinner? Would you then dare to ignore the great love that the Lord Jesus has revealed?

What does the term “faith justifies” mean?


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