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God’s Judgements

Do We Still Believe in God’s Judgments?

And Samuel lay until the morning, and opened the doors of the house of the LORD. And Samuel feared to shew Eli the vision. 1 Samuel 3:15

Read 1 Samuel 3:11-15

Samuel heard what God the Lord said to him. The future for the nation of Israel, as well as for Eli and his sons, did not look rosy; it was a very serious message. The Lord was going to exercise His judgments upon His servants and the nation.

Samuel did not dare tell Eli what God had said; it was a most terrible message! But Eli called Samuel and asked him to reveal what the Lord had said to him. Young Samuel complied, keeping nothing back. Eli listened intently, resigning himself to what the Lord had made known. What would your response be?

The message of the Bible, as well as the preaching of God’s servants, not only declares the glorious gospel of reconciliation with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, but it also pronounces the terrible judgment which awaits all those who do not listen to God’s call. Do you personally understand this when reading the Bible or hearing it preached on Sundays? Have you ever been so impressed by this Word that you were hushed, because you heard God’s voice? Then you also begin to realize the seriousness of life. You seek to speak to others about these things; you cannot remain silent.

Thought: When the Lord speaks to us through His Word and Spirit, we become honest before God and man.

Psalter 191:4, 5, 6 (based on Psalm 71) My God, be Thou not far from me, Make haste to hear my call; Ashamed, consumed be all my foes, Dishonored let them fall. But I will ever hope in Thee, My ceaseless praise is Thine; I will declare Thy countless deeds Of truth and grace divine. Yea, I will tell the mighty acts, Performed by God the Lord; Thy righteousness, and Thine alone, With praise I will record.


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