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God’s Gift

God’s Gift

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile! John 1:47

Read John 20:24-31

Nathanael obeyed Philip even though he did not expect to find much. This sometimes happens among friends. You may enthusiastically look for someone, but when you find them it is as if you are doused with a pail of cold water. Your message is not received. For example, you may have a friend who no longer goes to church, and on a certain occasion you leave church with a full heart. You experience that the Lord is so good! You want to tell your friend the good news! You prayed to the Lord that He would enable you to convince your friend to go to church with you. But the answer you received was not very encouraging: What good can going to church do?

Nathanael, however, went along with Philip, in spite of his reservations, and he experienced a blessed meeting with the Lord Jesus! When this happens you are certainly at the right address! Remarkably, the Lord Jesus looked right through Nathanael in spite of his skepticism and declared: Behold, an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile! Does that mean that Nathanael had no sin? Did he not need forgiveness? Of course he did! But the Lord’s assessment indicated that Nathanael was not a pretender. He was an upright man; he did not have a sarcastic or negative attitude. Neither was he judgmental about Christ. In spite of his misgivings he remained open-minded. Is that also true of you? Do we sometimes have negative thoughts about church because we are judgmental? Moreover, does this attitude not often hinder individuals from coming to Christ?

Thought: Being judgmental distorts our view of things.

Psalter 415: 5,10 (based on Psalm 25) All the pathways of Jehovah Speak of truth and mercies pure Unto such as keep His covenant And His testimony sure. For the glory of Thy Name, Pardon, Lord, my evil-doing; Grievous though my sin and shame, Hear my cry, Thy love renewing. Keep my soul, O gracious Saviour; Come, I pray, deliver me, Lest my head with shame be covered, For my refuge is in Thee. Trusting in Thy power supreme, Lord, I wait for Thy salvation; Come, Jehovah, and redeem Israel from tribulation.


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