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God’s Existence

Q: Is there a God? How can I know for sure?

Suggested Daily Reading: II Peter 3:1-13

A: You can know that there truly is a God by observing:

  1. His DesignsIf you find a bolt and nut that fit; the one threads perfectly into the other, you know that someone designed the one for the other.  Think of the complexity of one living cell, or the workings of your eye and brain, or the design of male and female.  Who created all this?  God did.

  2. His BeautyWhen you study a beautiful painting, you know that the artist who painted it has an appreciation for beauty.  Who designed a beautiful sunset, flower or butterfly?  God did.

  3. His MoralityObserve a young child touching a forbidden object.  You can see that this boy or girl knows that his or her behaviour is wrong.  Who made this child with an inward sense of right and wrong?  God did.

  4. Our Longing for PerfectionAll people are born with a longing for perfection.  We search for abiding satisfaction and meaning in many different ways, but we will only ever find it in an infinite God.  Who implanted a deep need for a perfect and eternal relationship in all people?  God did.

  5. Our SpiritualityAll people across the world reveal spiritual and religious needs and beliefs.  Who placed these deep spiritual needs in all people?  God did.

  6. His AssuranceThink of a person who receives a letter from a loved one.  Does she doubt the reality or the love of the writer?  Why not?  Because this person has experienced the truth of the writer’s love in her own heart.  Likewise, God’s people have experienced and are assured of the truth of God’s love in their hearts.  Who communicated this love to those who believe in Him?  God did.

  7. His Word of TruthThe Bible speaks to the spiritual needs of all people throughout history.  It is also without error.  Who proclaimed such infallible and heart-renewing truths in a way that can reach all people?  God did.

  8. His Plan of SalvationThe Bible speaks of salvation being freely and graciously given by God to sinners.  God gave His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who willingly suffered and died to pay the full price to deliver His children from sin and its punishment and to grant them eternal life.  This message is unique.  Why does no other religion in the world offer salvation as a free gift to mankind?  Who designed and implemented such a gracious plan of salvation?  God did.

God is real.  Is He real in your thoughts, prayers, words and actions?  If so, are you growing in knowing and loving God?


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