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God Makes a Covenant

God Makes a Covenant with Abram

In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates. Genesis 15:18

Read Genesis 15:7-18

Yesterday we saw that the Lord promised Abram he would become a great nation. This promise included greater things: the devout seed would inherit the bountiful land of promise. In this connection, Abram asked the Lord how he could be sure that his seed would inherit it? To assure Abram that this would happen, the Lord established a covenant with Abram and his seed. In response, Abram is commanded to sacrifice three animals according to Middle-Eastern custom. He cuts the animals in half and lays the carcasses adjacent to one another, leaving a pathway between them. Two birds were also sacrificed. By this Abram understands that the Lord is ratifying a covenant with him. However, it takes some time before the Lord appears. Evening descends, and Abram falls asleep. Then the Lord comes in the form of a smoking furnace, passing between the sacrificed animals. In this way the Lord unilaterally confirms His covenant. In this Middle-Eastern, symbolic manner, the Lord is telling Abram that if He does not keep His covenant then He cannot be regarded as the one true God any longer. The Lord cannot annul this covenant; He swears by it.

While God was in the presence of Abram, He reminded Abram, “The word of grace which He (Jehovah) commands, to thousand generations stands” (Psalter 425:5). From in-between these sacrifices, the Lord guarantees that His promises are yea and amen. Through baptism, the New Testament is a sign of the blood the Lord Jesus shed on the cross. God’s covenant and His promises are not only extended by the Lord, but also guaranteed by Him. At your baptism the congregation sang of the riches of these blessings in Psalter 425, “The covenant made in days of old, with Abraham He doth uphold.” Meditate on these matters.

Thought: The Lord is dependable because He has sworn by His own Name and therefore cannot and will not lie.

Psalter 415:6 (based on Psalm 25) Who is he that fears Jehovah, Walking with Him day by day? God will lead him safely onward, Guide him in the chosen way. Then at ease his soul shall rest, in Jehovah still confiding; E’en his children shall be blest, Safely in the land abiding.


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