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God Knows Us

“God knows us”

Search me, O God. —Psalm 139:23

Read Psalm 139

How difficult it can sometimes be to truly understand other people. At times we do not even understand ourselves. We can be so sad that we don’t know where to turn or how to even pinpoint what’s the matter. David also experienced this angst, but he knew that the Lord knew him. In Proverbs 25:3 we read that the heart of a king is unsearchable, and yet nothing is hidden from the great King. He knows us, whatever we are doing and wherever we might be (vv.2,3). He even searches our thoughts (v.2). His eyes are upon us in all circumstances (v.5).

This thought is too wonderful for David (v.6). That the great God of heaven and earth is willing to have anything to do with puny, sinful man is just amazing! David can only bow down in humble adoration. Are you happy with the thought that God knows everything about you? He knows your sorrows, your cares and your questions. He knows what lives in your heart even before you open your mouth in prayer. He follows you wherever you go, whether to school or to work. Are these things not amazing? This knowledge of God can give you peace and happiness if you can entrust all your cares to Him. Or are you perturbed by God’s perfect knowledge of you? We can never run away from God (v.7) and nothing can be hidden from Him (vv.11,12). Adam tried to run away, but he was summoned to appear before God with his sins. And so are we!

David, however, prayed that the Lord would show him his sins and lead him in the way everlasting (vv.23,24). This is the path that leads to heaven. Pray to the Lord that He would lead you in the right way.

How can we discern the omniscience of God?


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