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God Clothes the Earth

God Clothes the Earth

And God said, Let there be a firmament. Genesis 1:6

Read Genesis 1:6-19

Perhaps you have had a discussion with your friends about how you would decorate your future home. These are common discussions; we often make plans before we move into new living quarters.

The Scripture passage we are considering today tells us how God dressed and decorated His creation from the second to the fourth day. The firmament, the land and seas, the grass and trees, as well as the heavenly bodies necessary to rule the day and the night are all mentioned. Everything was set in order before any living creatures were created. All living beings, including man, would find everything prepared that life might flourish.

In our day, space agencies such as NASA are trying their utmost to find other planets that may be inhabited by other living creatures. So far they have had no success.

Genesis 1 tells us that it is not by chance that the earth is a planet that can be inhabited. The Creator has taken special care to do this. Even though there is brokenness all around us— also in creation—we should be thankful for this beautiful planet where we may live. Yet humanity, and especially Christians, must be responsible in how we deal with the environment. We cannot save the world, but we must be very careful with the Creator’s handiwork.

Question: In what ways do you agree or disagree with the environmental movement ?

Psalter 57:1 (based on Psalm 24)

The earth and the fullness with which it is stored, The world and its dwellers belong to the Lord; For He on the seas its foundations has laid, And firm on the waters its pillars has stayed, And firm on the waters Its pillars has stayed.


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