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God Closes the Door

God Closes the Door And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in. Genesis 7:16

Read Genesis 7:13-24

Our text today describes one of the most horrible moments in the history of the world, namely, that the door of the ark was closed. Much took place before this happened. For one hundred and twenty years Noah had built the ark and prophetically announced that the earth was going to be destroyed by water. He called his fellow man to repentance and invited them to take refuge with him in the ark, but no one listened.

At last, in the final week before the water appeared, the animals came to the ark. This in itself was an amazing message to the people. Then Noah went into the ark with his family. But what about the door of the ark? It must have been the most vulnerable part of this massive vessel. Not only was it large enough to admit elephants, giraffes and other large animals, but it probably extended below the water line as the boat floated, since creeping things also had to enter in. How would Noah ensure that it remained watertight? The LORD took care of this; He shut the door. When that happened, no one outside was able to enter in. All the people who remained outside perished under the just judgment of God, who had been so patient and had so urgently called them. But those who had found refuge inside were safe, for God had shut the door. Those who are kept by the Lord are safeguarded indeed! In the meantime, you and I are faced with a critical question: when the decisive moment comes in your life, will you be inside or out? Will the door be closed in your face or shut behind you? This makes an everlasting difference.

Thought: Christ is the Door to eternal life.

Psalter 254:1, 3 (based on Psalm 95) O come before the Lord, our King, And in His presence let us sing; Let us in glad and joyful lays The Rock of our salvation praise; Before Him come with thankful song, In joyful psalms His praise prolong. O come and let us worship now, Before our Maker let us bow; We are His sheep and He our God, He feeds our souls in pastures broad; He safely leads us in the way; O come and heed His voice today.


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