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From a Fishing Village

From a Fishing Village

Now Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. John 1:44

Read Matthew 11:20-30

Philip was not the only one who was found by the Lord. John and Andrew, as well as Andrew’s brother Peter, had also been called and made disciples of the Lord. In their case it can be more clearly seen how this came about They were called through the Word spoken by John the Baptist when he pointed to the Lord and said: Behold the Lamb of God. In this manner these disciples were called out of darkness. The Lord Jesus uses the preaching of the Word every Lord’s Day to call sinners to Himself. Therefore you and I must never leave our place empty. It is through the preaching of the Gospel that sinners are called out of darkness. The two former disciples of John heard his message and began to follow Jesus.

I would also like to draw your attention to another important thing. While the Lord calls each person to Himself individually, they do not remain by themselves; they are brought into contact with a larger circle of people. Think about this! The Lord converts individuals, but His people belong to the family of God. It is important to realize this as a congregation. We read that Philip was from Bethsaida, a name that means a fish hut. He lived in a village on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, a village which did not have a very good reputation. It was because of their unbelief that the Lord declared: Woe unto thee, Bethsaida! (Matt. 11:21). If the Lord would see us meandering on the seashore, what would He say to us?

Thought: The Lord continues to call sinners through His Word.

Psalter 415: 2, 4 (based on Psalm 25) Unto me, O Lord Jehovah, Show Thy ways and teach Thou me; So that, by Thy Spirit guided, Clearly I Thy paths may see. In Thy truth wilt Thou me guide, Teach me, God of my salvation; All the day for Thee I bide, Lord, with eager expectation. Good an upright is Jehovah In His dealings evermore. Sinners are by Him instructed In the way untrod before. He will ever guide the meek In His judgments true and holy; Teach His ways to those who seek, With a contrite heart and lowly.


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