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Isaac sent away Jacob. —Genesis 28:5

Read Genesis 27:41-28:5

Esau hated Jacob and threatened to kill him because of the bless-ing Isaac had given to Jacob. When Rebecca heard of his threats, she gave him the only advice she could: Jacob must flee for his life. Rebecca convinced Isaac of the necessity that Jacob leave for Haran (now Iraq) to choose a wife from one of Laban’s daughters, so that he would not marry a heathen as Esau had done. Jacob departed with the rich blessing of his father, but he left his parents as a fugitive.

Jacob obeyed his parents’ wise counsel, but he suffered the consequences of all his lying and deceit in the loneliness of separation from his parents, fleeing to an unknown country. Rebecca also suffered for her sins, for she would never see Jacob again. The reality of Jacob’s flight was a great contrast to the promise which he had received from his father, for he had to leave the land of Canaan which he would one day inherit. The concept of running in fear was unknown in Paradise before the fall. As a result of our rebellion and sin, many in this world must flee from their homes for various reasons. And those who travel on Bunyan’s “broad way” are fleeing from God. Every true Christian will confess that at one time he or she also tried to es-cape from God, but God found them and stopped them in their tracks. When God stops a sinner he learns to flee to God through Christ, instead of away from Him. He turns to the Lord in faith, which is received as a gift of the Holy Spirit.

How can we be convinced that sin is never without consequences?


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