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First the Lord

“First the Lord”

There stood a man over against him. —Joshua 5:13

Read Joshua 5:13-15

Israel crossed the Jordan River and entered the Land of Canaan, but that did not mean they possessed the country. Battles would have to be fought against the inhabitants, and as Joshua thought about that, he felt discouraged. He knew that the Lord would not forsake him, but then he saw the high walls of Jericho. How would they ever be able to conquer such a fortified city? He recalled the spies’ report, which included descriptions of giant inhabitants — the children of Anak. How would the Israelites be able to defeat them? It was not that Joshua doubted God’s power or His faithfulness, but he and his people were weak. So he wrestled in prayer, pleading the promises of God.

Suddenly a soldier stood in front of Joshua with an outstretched sword. He represented the hosts of heaven; it was the Lord Jesus Himself. No wonder Joshua fell with his face to the ground. When we are confronted with a holy and righteous God, who would not tremble?

As He stood before Joshua, listen to what He said: “As captain of the host of the LORD am I now come” (v.14) He came at just the right moment, with sword in hand. It is as if He said, “Come, follow Me; I will fight for you.” The Lord had promised much the same thing at the Red Sea, and at Jericho, Israel had to look beyond its walls and its giants. With this heavenly Warrior to go before them, nothing would fail. This royal prince is also ready to show you the way you must go. He is reliable; you can certainly follow Him. When you look to King Jesus, He will bring you to the heavenly Canaan in one way or another.

What direction are you taking in life?


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