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Fire from Heaven

“Fire from heaven”

The Lord, He is the God. —1Kings 18:39

Read 1 Kings 18:22-46

The great contest to decide who was the true God turned out to be a big disappointment and defeat for the servants of Baal. When it was Elijah’s turn to bring a sacrifice, he did not build a new altar; there was already an altar on Mount Carmel that had formerly been used as an altar of the Lord. Elijah restored that altar, since he was not introducing a new religion or form of worship. He sought to restore the worship of the true God of Israel, which had been laid aside and ravaged.

Elijah used twelve stones to rebuild the altar and then commanded that much water be poured over the altar and the sacrifice. The water probably had to be hauled from the sea due to the terrible drought. Eventually, everything was soaking wet, ruling out the possibility that there was any fire hidden in or around the altar. With emphasis, we are told that the sacrifice was ready at the time when the evening offering was to be given. Elijah fulfilled God’s command completely. The prophet had scarcely finished praying to God when God answered with sudden fire. And then the people shouted, “The Lord, He is the God!” In response, Elijah executed judgment upon the Baal priests. Now they knew who was the God of Israel!

From what can we discern God’s almighty power?

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