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My soul waiteth for the Lord. —Psalm 130:6

Read Psalm 130

Maybe you started the day with great energy and expectations. You made your plans and had high hopes for the day. Sadly, we may be confronted with great difficulties in life, which result in great disappointments. Our life’s path can become so complicated that we do not know which way to go. The poet of our Psalm experienced much the same thing; he hit, so to speak, rock bottom. However, he knew where to go with all his troubles; he called upon the Lord.

But when he searched for the Lord, he realized that he did not deserve His listening ear, for if the Lord would notice his sins, how could he remain standing (v.3)? Happily, he knew that he could receive forgiveness from the Lord (v.4), therefore he expected everything from Him, who had promised this in His Word (v.5). Just as sentries look forward to the morning when they will be relieved of their night watch, the Psalmist looks unto the Lord his God. He does not wait passively, however, but with great expectation, seeking the Lord by praying and reading the scriptures.

What expectation should the Christian have?


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